12 November 2021, 1:30PM

The Commission on Higher Education Regional Office III (CHEDRO-III) revisited the Central Luzon Regional Higher Education Action Plan (CLRHEAP) FY 2020-2022 on Thursday, 12 November 2021 via Zoom meeting.

The CLRHEAP is a product of concerted efforts of the CHEDRO-III and the higher education institutions (HEIs) with partner regional government agencies and industry sector in Central Luzon serving as a blueprint in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 for the remaining months of 2020 to 2022.

Dr. Maria Teresita M. Semana, Officer-in-Charge, Office of the Director IV, CHEDRO-III presented the program flow which includes presentation of the monitoring and the status of policy recommendations per thematic area of the CLRHEAP 2020-2022.

“We are here to revisit the CLRHEAP which is a product of collaboration that identifies the priority programs from assessment studies conducted by the thematic area core groups. The CLRHEAP is not a product of CHEDRO-III but the entire higher education community of Central Luzon working in synergy as defined in the Region III Higher Education Consortium (R3HEC) operational framework. The CLRHEAP programs, activities and projects are expected to harmonize, integrate and interconnect institutional initiatives that will benefit the HEIs, faculty members and students.” Dr. Semana said.

Guided by the mantra of the higher education sector in Central Luzon, “Sama-sama at tulong-tulong sa panahon ng pandemya, walang iwanan sa mas lalong mataas na antas ng edukasyon ng Rehiyon III,” the revisit aims to reunite the players of the higher education sector to set off moving forward activities toward the goal of continuous provision of quality education while ensuring health and safety of higher education community.

The virtual activity was participated in by the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, Directors for Research, Directors for Extension and Productivity, Focal Persons for Internationalization, and Student Heads in HEIs in Central Luzon.

Bulacan Governor, Hon. Daniel R. Fernando, represented by Ms. Antonia V. Constantino was the keynote speaker and highlighted the relevance of the virtual activity in addressing the concerns in education continuity in the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This innovative framework (CLRHEAP) is grounded on deeper understanding of distance education. Therefore, the revisit of the Central Luzon Regional Higher Education Action Plan 2020-2022 is a welcome, timely and relevant activity.” Ms. Constantino said.

The Chief Education Program Specialist and the Education Supervisors of CHEDRO-III presented the results of the monitoring of the implementation of the CLRHEAP 2020-2022.

Recognition of the active partners and sponsors in the implementation of the priority programs under CLRHEAP 2020-2022 followed. Tarlac State University, Bataan Peninsula State University and Bulacan State University were recognized as active partners of the CHEDRO-III in the implementation of the Region 3 Higher Education Bayanihan (R3HiEdBayanihan). While the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology was recognized as it established nineteen (19) Community e-Learning Resource Centers (CeLRCs) and the Gordon College for developing the Region III Learners’ Academic Management Portal (R3LAMP) which will be shared to other HEIs for free.

Lastly, Dr. Semana discussed the moving forward activities which include:
• Mobilization of policy recommendation not implemented;
• Recalibration/enhancement of CLRHEAP based on the results of the monitoring conducted;
• Harmonization of the Internationalization Roadmap into the CLRHEAP;
• Reinforcement of the Student Affairs and Services Programs in the CLRHEAP; and
• Monitoring of the implementation of CLRHEAP for the Second Semester, Academic Year 2021-2022.