Region III Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Region III Open Educational Resources (OERs)

The Commission on Higher Education Regional Office III (CHEDRO-III) launched, in September 2020, the Region III Higher Education Bayanihan (R3HiEdBayanihan), as one of the priority projects of the Central Luzon Regional Higher Education Action Plan (CLRHEAP) 2020-2022. For its initial year, the R3HiEdBayanihan focused on equipping HEI personnel on the implementation of flexible learning to ensure continuity of teaching and learning.

For Fiscal Year 2021, the thrust of the R3HiEdBayanihan project was to adopt a discipline-based approach for the development of online educational resources (OERs) per discipline which will supplement the teaching-learning resources in the new normal in education. As a result, eight (8) Core Groups were established in January 2021, representing the following disciplines: 1) Agriculture Education; 2) Allied Health Education; 3) Business and Management Education; 4) Criminal Justice Education; 5) Engineering and Architecture Education; 6) Information & Communications Technology and Library Information Science Education; 7) Humanities, Social Sciences & Communication Education; and 8) Teacher Education, based on the programs offered by the higher education institutions in Region III.

As of date, there are now more than three hundred (300) OERs developed and shared by the dedicated members of the higher education institutions (HEIs) in the region through the leadership and supervision of the Core Groups and the Flexible All-In-One Learning Solution for Higher Education Institutions in Region III (FLASHEIR3) Project Team. HEIs are encouraged to continue developing and sharing educational resources as the Region builds its database of OERs.


Agriculture Education
Allied Health Education
Business and Management Education
Criminal Justice Education
Engineering and Architecture Education
Information and Communication Technology and Library Information System Education
Humanities & Social Sciences Communications Education
Teacher Education
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