Embracing Diversity: CHED – Central Luzon builds a gender-responsive culture

Embracing Diversity: CHED – Central Luzon builds a gender-responsive culture

The CHED Central Luzon (CHED-CL) conducted a Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) on March 25, 2022, at Diaspora Farm Resort Bacolor, Pampanga as part of its culture-building on gender and development.

The rationale of the activity was given by the Chief Administrative Officer of CHED-CL, Ms. Eden DL Capati. “Considering that 80% of the CHED-CL employees have not undergone GST, that is why we are here today to have one,” Ms. Capati said.

In her inspirational message, Dr. Leonida B. Sigua Calagui, Director IV, highlighted the significance of GST and other GAD-related activities in building a gender-sensitive culture in the Office. “This GST is just one of the various activities of the CHED-CL in promoting Gender and Development awareness,” Dr. Calagui said.

CHED-CL Gender and Development (GAD) Accomplishments and sex-disaggregated data were also presented by various units during this activity.

The seminar/workshop proper was facilitated by the Chief Education Program Specialist of CHED-CL, Ms. Lora L. Yusi. The activities were designed to orient the participants in the basic concepts of gender and development and gender sensitivity, recognize and value the multiple roles of women in the different units of society, and establish a gender-sensitive culture in the workplace.

In her closing message, Dr. Jo Ann C. Gamboa, Education Supervisor II of CHED-CL, encouraged the participants to reflect and to be mindful of gender sensitivity at any cost. “I hope when we go home (CHED-CL), we are also bringing the learnings we acquired on today’s activity,” Dr. Gamboa said.